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Increase your influence.
Get Certified 
I am SO excited that YOU are considering becoming a Paper Solution® Certified Organizer!

It will take a team of organizers to help people dig out from the paper piles we have saved in filing cabinets, boxes, and all over our houses. We would love to partner with you!


The Sunday Basket is the foundation for our paper and the solution for your To-Do list. Teach your clients how to eliminate their to-do list and save 5 hours a week with a Sunday Basket®.

As a Paper Solution® Certified Organizer, you have the opportunity to change people's lives by teaching them how to implement an easy-to-follow system into their weekly routine.  For more information about the Sunday Basket® System, watch the Sunday Basket® Masterclass.

This certification also provides training and materials for hosting Paper Organizing Retreats and The Paper Solution® Binder Workshops. This training will give you the expertise to offer paper solutions to your clients.


The Paper Solution® Course Investment of $2,250.00 includes:

  • Online Training Library

  • Virtual Training

  • In-person Training**

  • Attend a live Paper Organizing Retreat

  • Physical Products

    • The Sunday Basket Workshop® Certification Workbook

    • The Paper Solution® Certification Workbook

    • A Sunday Basket®

    • The Paper Solution® 4 Essential Binders

    • Warrior MAMA Binder

    • A signed copy of The Paper Solution® prerelease book

Admission & Annual Licensing Fee of $475.00 Requirements​​

  • Read The Paper Solution book

  • Successful completion of online training

  • Attend three-day live training day including a two-day Paper Organizing Retreat 

  • Set up Sunday Basket®

  • Set up The Paper Solution® 4 Essential Binders

  • Admission interview

  • Training Quiz

  • HIPAA Training (not included in licensing fee)

  • Pay the licensing fee

**No food or lodging included

The Paper Solution Licensing includes the Course Investment along with the following:

  • Access to The Paper Solution Certification Community 

  • Monthly Co-working Sessions with Certification Team and Peers 

  • Quarterly Update Meetings

  • Weekly/monthly email or video updates


  • Listing in the Organize 365® Professional Organizer Directory after you complete your training and we receive your HIPAA certification.

  • Badge identification as a Certified Organizer in the Organize 365 Community. 

  • Listing your current Paper Organizing Retreats in the Organize 365® Events Directory on the website.

  • Custom logo with your state listed

  • A standard retreat page that includes your photo or a photo of you and Lisa (if available), information about you and your retreats, and a link to your website.

Affiliate Commission Program

  • Wholesale pricing for Sunday Baskets® and Organize 365® Products.

  • Referral Partner link to share with your customers to receive commission on the Complete Sunday Basket® System and The Paper Solution® 4 Essential Binders

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Get Certified

If you want to enhance your current professional organization or other service-based business offerings, The Paper Solution® Certification Course will give you the very best system to do just that. 


Ready to take your next step?

Become a Paper Solution® Certified Organizer!

Step 1: Enroll in The Paper Solution Certification Course

Step 2: Complete the Training Courses

Step 3: Get Certified & Continue to Grow Your Business by Offering Paper Solutions to Your Clients