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I am SO excited that YOU are considering becoming a Certified Sunday Basket® Workshop Organizer!

It will take a team of organizers to help people dig out from the paper piles we have saved in filing cabinets, boxes, and all over our houses. We would love to partner with you!

Get Certified

If you want to enhance your current professional organization or other service-based business offerings, the Sunday Basket® Workshop Certification Program will give you the very best system to do just that. 

As a new professional organizer early in 2017, I couldn’t WAIT to organize anyone and everyone’s closets and kitchens, but I was living in fear of someone asking if I helped organize PAPER! So, when I heard about the Sunday Basket® Workshop Certification Program, I knew I’d be getting to the bottom of this fear in the capable and productive hands of Lisa Woodruff, mother to all things Sunday Basket®-related! A year into my business, I’m loving the confidence I have with my own personal paper and teaching others about what a simple yet effective system the Sunday Basket® is. And it just keeps getting better and better!

Ryan Lanier, Love Your Space Organizing

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As a Sunday Basket® Certified Organizer, you have the opportunity to change people's lives by teaching them how to implement an easy-to-follow system into their weekly routine.  For more information about the Sunday Basket® System, watch the Sunday Basket® Masterclass.


Ready to take your next step?

Become a Sunday Basket® Workshop Certified Organizer!